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My Husband is Not my Soul Mate

My husband is not my soul mate. I was not created for him and my husband was not created for me. Love at first site is not real and there is no such a thing as “Happily ever after”. None of those things do I believe exist. But I do believe in true love. Love that is forged… Continue reading My Husband is Not my Soul Mate


Life Lessons from My Dog

I did not want to get up this morning. My hand shot out from under the sheets to slap my alarm with lightning fast reflexes while the rest of me grumbled and groaned for just 5 more minutes. I wrestled with the snooze button a few more times before I finally drug myself out of… Continue reading Life Lessons from My Dog

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Created with Love

I come from a long line of crafty women. I grew up in a house where my mom would sew, my sister would cross-stitch, and every Christmas meant a package in the mail containing something made by my aunt in Kansas. Above my childhood bed, covered in the homemade quilt and adorned with pillows stitched with love, hung a… Continue reading Created with Love