About Me

Who me? I am so glad you asked. I am Gina, working mom to 2 little girls who drive me batty but keep me young at heart; which is a good thing because the rest of me is falling apart. My hubs helps put me back together and through it all we find a way to laugh.

I am honest and slightly offensive so I hope you forgive me in advance. I misplaced my filter a while back and now cannot find it in the chaos.

I hope you stay a while and come back often, who know what will happen next!


Why Stage Too?

In between the chaos of working, raising two kids, and attempting to be a decent wife without turning into a lush I came to the realization all this craziness is just a stage we were going through. I quickly found out regardless of how hard things were, laughing is way more fun than crying or complaining, plus when I cry my mascara runs and my nose gets all red – not pretty.

Life is made up of so many stages, how you get through it is up to you.